Yosnut Medical Diet Plan

Yosnut medical dietThe Yosnut medical diet consists of three highly effective product ranges to assis your weight loss journey. Protéifine is a range of meal replacement products, Microvance delivers high dose micro nutrients and Rythmonutrition balances the rhythms that regulate the functioning of our bodies including how we metabolise food. If you find weight loss a struggle then come and talk to us about Yosnut medically supervised weight loss diet. The diet plan is easy to stick to, designed to curb hunger yet deliver essential nutrients to keep you fit and healthy throughout your weight loss.

Protéifine food products

YSONUT Laboratories developed the Protéifine range because they know there is no one size fits all when it comes to losing weight. So Protéifine was developed to enable you and your doctor to put together the “menu” that you find most appealing and which best fits your needs.

Medical monitoring

The foods in the PROTEIFINE line have been developed according to the latest findings in the fields of nutrition and chronobiology. They are therefore designed to have a real impact on the body. These products are only to be used under medical supervision and the guidelines need to be obeyed and strictly followed. Without a doctor to assure a patient’s compliance with the indicated rhythms and phases of a diet, such a diet cannot produce the desired weight loss. For this reason, PROTEIFINE products are only sold under doctor’s orders, directly to the patient.

Microvance nutritional support

Micronutrients, are essential to the body in tiny quantities. They allow the adequate absorption and usage of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat), which provide us with the energy required by our body to function properly. They are also involved in a wide variety of biological functions.

Microvance  offers a wide range of more than 50 high quality micronutritional supplements that provide essential support for biological functions.



In our western societies, we have an almost unlimited choice of foods, many of which are high in calories but due to food processing, may have a lower level of micro and essential macro nutrients.

Chronic over nutrition from a calorie perspective is now the norm. 24 hour food supply is possible in most places. Our body on the other hand is not designed to over consume on this level. Neuromediators such as dopamine, noradrenalin, serotonin or melatonin play a crucial role in the regulation of many of our body’s parameters such as mood, wellbeing, eating habits, sleep, etc.

YSONUT Laboratories has created a series of dietary supplements that provide the necessary precursors for the production of neuromediators and which, taken in combination with a high protein diet, optimise the diet’s efficacy:

  • DYNOVANCE provides tyrosine for the production of catecholamines in the morning.
  • SEROVANCE provides tryptophan for the production of indoleamines in the evening.

Rythmonutrition® will help you:

  • Re-synchronise your altered biological rhythms (unbalanced nutrition, stress, growth, sport, aging, various pathologies, jet lag, desk work, etc.).
  • Easily stay on the diet plan.
  • Maintain your new weight in the long term.
  • And rediscover physical and mental harmony.

Yosnut diet weight loss in Hampshire


Is the Protéifine Diet effective?
The Protéifine® Diet is a protein diet based on Rythmonutrition®, a scientifically validated method that promotes effective, safe and healthy fat loss whilst maintaining lean body mass. It is important to understand that the diet must be medically authorised and carried out under medical supervision for effective and safe weight loss. It also requires micronutrition supplementation to prevent any deficiencies linked to the diet and weight loss. The doctor will closely monitor you and set guidelines and recommendations to be followed throughout your diet. In addition to promoting weight loss, the Protéifine Protein Diet provides a nutritional re-education aiming to to stabilize weight and achieve a balanced diet, following the principles of chronobiology.

In the PPD unhealthy?
The Protéifine Protein Diet is in no way unhealthy, on the contrary it helps to improve conditions linked to being overweight and obese, for example; high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, high triglyceride levels and more. Furthermore, the PPD always takes place under medical supervision which ensures complete and full control.
The doctor will perform your medical history with any appropriate additional tests and will indicate the amount of protein required and nutritional supplementation needed to prevent deficiencies. The Protéifine Protein Diet can be done safely as long as the patient is motivated and has none of the absolute contraindications for the PPD.

How long can you stay in ketosis?
You do not have to worry about the amount of time that you can or should remain in ketosis, or the duration of different phases. Trust your doctor, your doctor will tell you how long to stay in ketosis for and also when to change phases. It is very important to follow all the doctors recommendations and guidelines.

What about sagging skin after the PPD?
The Protéifine Protein Diet ensures that you maintain lean body mass and prevents skin sagging. In the Protéifine Protein Diet there is an optimal intake of high biological value protein meaning that lean body mass is maintained and sagging skin is prevented. Furthermore, we minimize the intake of fats and carbohydrates, which encourages the loss of fat mass. An important factor is the link between muscle mass and energy expenditure. If we do not maintain muscle mass when dieting then there is the risk of the well known “rebound effect.”

Can I do sports and exercise in phase 1?
You can participate in sports or physical activity throughout the diet ( even in Phase 1). However, it should be light activity such as walking, swimming, moderate intensity cycling, pilates, yoga, etc. Any physical activity that involves extensive effort for the body is not advisable as you will run the risk of hypoglycaemia or a drop in blood pressure.

It is best to perform moderate and consistent exercise, you will soon get used to this activity and it will help you to achieve muscle tone and maintain your weight loss in the long term It is also a good way to combat stress.

Can Rythmonutrition® help to battle my weight issues?
Yes, absolutely. Rythmonutrition ® allows us to optimize weight loss and address any associated problems.
Rythmonutrition® is the application of chronobiology to nutrition, this means providing the macro and micronutrients at the time of maximum efficiency in terms of biological rhythms, thus avoiding possible negative interactions between nutrients.

Is the Protéifine diet the same or similar to the ATKINS diet?
The Atkins Diet consists of eating large amounts of animal protein and no carbohydrates (vegetables, potatoes, pasta, rice, bread …). Then the body adapts by going into ketosis where it begins to burn stored fat as energy instead of carbohydrates, resulting in noticeable weight loss. The problem is that on the Atkins diet, intake of both fat and protein is unlimited. The excessive intake of lipids can result in serious health problems.

The Protéifine Protein Diet is a protein based meal replacement diet, the products provide an optimum intake of protein and minimal amounts of carbohydrates and fats. This promotes effective, safe and healthy weight loss through ketosis, focussed on maintaining lean body mass and reducing body fat mass. It always takes place under medical supervision as it requires micronutrient supplementation to prevent any potential deficiencies related to diet and weight loss. Furthermore, the Protéifine Protein Diet is based on the Rythmonutrition concept which consists in applying chronobiology (which studies the rhythms by which living things operate) to nutrition. It tells us what nutrients we should consume at what time of the day without negative interactions.

Is the Protéifine diet the same or similar to the food combining diet?
No, The principles of food combining dictate that one should not mix certain types of foods in the same meal, for example, proteins (meat, fish, eggs) should not be eaten together with carbohydrates (pasta, rice, pulses, potatoes, …)

The Protéifine Protein Diet however, is a protein based meal replacement diet diet, the products are composed mostly of protein (which helps preserve muscle mass) and minimal amounts of carbohydrates and fats, allowing for effective, safe and healthy weight loss while maintaining lean mass and losing fat mass.

The Protéifine Protein Diet always takes place under medical supervision, as it requires tailored micronutrient supplementation to prevent potential deficiencies related to diet and weight loss. Furthermore, the Protéifine Protein Diet is based on the Rythmonutrition concept which applies chronobiology ( the study of the rhythms by which living things operate) to nutrition. It tells us what nutrients we should consume at what time of the day without negative interactions. (repeated again?!).

How much does the diet cost?
Costs include consultations and essential metrics to be taken by the doctor and the meal replacement products and additional nutrients.

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