Lines and Wrinkles


Lines and wrinkles develop as a result of the ageing process.  There are many factors that encourage the wrinkling process like sun exposure (the number one reason the skin ages), lack of antioxidants in our diets and smoking. Wrinkles can make us look older than we are. The wrinkle process happens in the dermis which is the second layer of skin. This layer contains the structural elements of the skin, proteins such as collagen and elastin which give the skin its elasticity and strength. As we age, the cells divide more slowly, the dermis begins to thin and the network of collagen and elastin

As we age, the cells in the skin divide more slowly, the dermis begins to thin and become less effective at renewing it’s self. The collagen and elastin fibres which support the skin begin to loosen which begins the process of wrinkle formation.

The main cause of wrinkles – photo-ageing

Sun Exposure is the main cause of ageing in the skin including age spots and wrinkles. UV radiation in sunlight breaks down the collagen and elastin fibers, damages the cell DNA, depletes the skin of antioxidants necessary for collagen production and skin repair and lowers the immunity functions of the skin. UV radiation can penetrate cloud, and UVA in particular can penetrate glass. Though UVA does not casue sun burn or sun tan, it is responsible for the damage deep within the dermis which leads to ageing. That is why the anti-aging focus is always on sun protection, every day, all year and whatever the weather!

Another main contributor to ageing and wrinkles

Smoking is probably the second biggest thing which will destroy the youthfulness of your skin.  Smoking destroys collagen and elastin, slows new collagen production, reduces blood supply to the skin and causes wrinkles to form around the mouth due to the action of puckering up to take a drag. These factors all contribute heavily to the formation of wrinkles.


Poor diet will often affect the skin. Antioxidants and other nutrients are necessary to counteract the damaging, although normal effects of the process of oxidation in the body. Beta-carotene, Lycopene and Vitamins A, E and C are antioxidants that can be found in certain vegetables, fruits, nuts and oils which can slow the process of oxidation down. The biggest cause of oxidation from poor diet is from sugar. Sugar in the bloodstream attaches to proteins which form harmful molecules called advanced glycation end products (AGE’s). They are the result of the breakdown of sugars in the diet (glycation), this is a natural but potentially damaging process . The collagen and elastin in the skin are damaged by these AGE’s and the result over time is more wrinkles, sagging skin, particularly after age 35. It is advisable to keep processed sugary foods to a minimum in your diet.

Treatment options

Lines and wrinkles can be treated in a number of ways. We will recommend treatments which will best suit your particular problem. Take a look at the links below for information on the ways we can help you reduce lines and wrinkles. Of course there are many treatments listed here and a consultation with Dr Gauba will help you decide which treatment option is right for you.

Botox reduces lines and wrinkles caused by movement, eg frowning>>

Dermal filler reduces lines and wrinkles caused by loss of facial volume>>

Chemical peel reduces fine lines caused by poor skin condition>>

Forma skin tightening reduces loose skin>>

Fractora stimulates collagen production>>

Hydrafacial reduces fine lines caused by poor skin condition>>

Liquid face lift used dermal filler to lift the mid face>>

Mesotherapy delivers anti-ageing ingredients into the skin>>

PDO thread lift is a non surgical face lift and collagen stimulating procedure using threads>>

Silhouette Soft thread lift is a non surgical face lift using threads>>