Weight Loss

weight loss and weight management.

Do you need to lose weight? Many people struggle with weight loss, or are confused as to the best way to lose weight. Some people find it easy to lose weight but struggle to keep it off, whilst others struggle to lose more than a couple of pounds despite starving themselves.

Carrying too much weight can be a health problem, and it can also lead to low self-esteem and poor body image.


Why is it hard for some people to lose weight?

There are many reasons that it is hard to lose weight. Until recently it was widely believed that weight loss is a simple case of consuming less calories and that somehow if you are overweight, it must be your fault for eating too much. If it were that simple then we would lose weight so much easier than we actually do.

In order to lose weight we have to cut calories down to around 1200 per day to see any results, but eventually the weight loss stalls, or we fall off the wagon and give up. Our bodies have been designed to cope with starvation and reduce the amount of energy we use when food is restricted. This comes from a time way back in our evolutionary history when food supply was not as certain as it is today. Basal metabolic rate slows down, we feel tired, we rest more to conserve energy.

Hormones and weight loss

It is now widely accepted that hormones play a part in how our bodies regulate energy. Insulin is the main fat storage hormone. So people consuming large amounts of highly refined sugars in their diet will have higher circulating levels of insulin which will favour the energy from the food being stored as fat, rather than being available to use by the body on physical activity. These types of food give rise to a boom bust energy situation. We feel an immediate boost when we eat these types of food and then the bust comes once the body has stored the energy as fat. This then results in us feeling hungry much quicker and needing to eat again.

With today’s modern lifestyle it can be very difficult to avoid foods with hidden sugars, it is literally everywhere, even in savoury items such as Pasta sauces, baked beans, savoury pastries.

Weight management solutions

We can help you lose weight using medically proven weight loss management programs and medication if neccessary. When you come to us to discuss your weight management, we may look at lifestyle changes you can make, nutrition and physical activity. Dr Gauba is able to prescribe dietary intervention and anti-obesity medication for people with a BMI of 27 or above, if she feels it is appropriate for you.