Unwanted Hair On Face Or Body

Hirsute, unwanted hairUnwanted body or facial hair can lead to problems with self esteem and body image problems. Certainly excess male pattern hair growth on women, also called hirsuitism can be distressing.  Excess hair or hirsutism can also occur in men, it is not as easy to spot because of the wide range of normal hair growth in men.

Excess unwanted hair growth or hirsutism affects around 10% of women of caucasian origin but is more common in those of Mediterranean or MiddleEastern descent. Hirsuitism is caused by an imbalance in hormones, many women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which increases the amount of male hormones, develop hirsuitism, as do women going through the menopause.

Another type of excessive hair growth is called hypertrichosis. This hair does not grow in a gender specific pattern. It may be all over or specific patches.

Many women who have perfectly normal hair growth, still want to be hair free, particularly legs, bikini line, underarm areas. On average, women will spend around £12,000 in their lifetime on regular shaving and hair removal products. Today men also take more of an interest in personal grooming and hair removal, popular areas that men want to de fuzz are the back, neck, hair line, and abdomen.

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