Thread Veins and Spider Veins

Spider veins and thread veinsSpider veins and thread veins are very similar in appearance though they are actually different from each other. A thread vein is simply a vein or group of veins that have become distended whilst a spider vein is a central dilated blood vessel which has smaller capillaries or thread veins extending from it, like legs of a spider as the name suggests.

Spider veins and thread veins can be found singly or clumped in groups on the cheeks, legs and other areas. These vascular lesions are of no medical concern though you may find them unsightly. Removing these tiny red veins does no harm and they are removed purely for cosmetic reasons because of their unsightly appearance. Spider veins on the cheeks may be part of a condition called rosacea which can lead to a generally ruddy complexion sometimes with very obvious red and even purple vascular marks and spider veins.

Spider veins and thread veins – cosmetic concerns

Thread veins, spider veins and vascular marks do not usually signify any underlying medical problem, and are generally nothing to be concerned about, although many women and men do find them unsightly. They are basically letting us all know that are skin has seen better days. Thread veins are sometimes incorrectly called spider veins. There are important differences between thread veins and spider veins.

Thread vein treatment in Hampshire

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