Pigmentation And Melasma

Melasma Pigmentation
Pigmentation may be caused by the sun, it may be age related, or it may be hormone related (melasma). Pigmentation caused by sun damage or age may form anywhere on the body, typically hands, decolletage and face are affected most. Melasma or Chloasma forms patches of excess pigmentation which is mainly on the face and is often symetrical, spreading outward from the nose area.

More About Melasma

Melasma can be light brown, dark brown, yellowish in colour and usually symmetrical on the face. Typical distribution pattens for Melasma on the face are usually the forehead, central face, cheeks or around the mouth. Melasma most commonly affects women and often first presents itself during pregnancy.

Other Pigmentation, age spots, liver spots, sun damage.

This type of pigmentation can be light brown, dark brown, yellowish in colour. Age spots, also called liver spots or sun spots are flat, brown or brown/black spots and patches that may appear on sun exposed areas of the skin. These dark areas of pigmentation are associated with ageing and exposure to the harsh radiation of the suns UV rays.

These pigmented lesions are caused by a build up of a yellow pigment in the skin called lipofuscin. Excessive sun exposure causes the pigment to build up over the years. (Thus the name Solar Lentigo.) Sun spots or liver spots are most common on the areas that are most often exposed to the sun such as the backs of hands, arms, legs, neck, shoulders, chest and facial areas.

Age spots are, as the name suggests, generally associated with older skin. Much can be done to prevent them by looking after your skin and avoiding excess sun exposure.

Pigmentation and Melasma treatment in Hampshire

Treatment options

Chemical peel, red more>>

Fractora radio frequency, read more>>

Hydrafacial, red more>>

Intense pulsed light (IPL), read more>>

Skin care and prescription skin care, read more>>

Visia skin imaging, read more>>

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