Our Philosophy – Lifelong Approach To Your Skin Health

Not only is your skin always on display but it is also your body’s largest organ, and deserves extra special care and attention. This is what we are here to give you.

Even though you may come to the Golden Ratio Cosmetic Medical Clinic with a single procedure in mind, Dr Victoria Gauba will be thinking about your long-term skin health too.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be pressured into having many treatments – quite the opposite, in fact. Dr Gauba will talk to you about how your daily skincare regime, for example, could be adapted to better support your skin health or slow down the effects of ageing; she might also discuss how you can prevent the problems caused by pollution or sun damage.

Armed with information that relates directly to your skin, our aim is that you can enjoy the results of your initial treatment for longer. Dr Gauba might suggest ways to maintain the boost in hyaluronic acid from a dermal filler treatments, or recommend that you prolong the results of your Botox® treatment with a HydraFacial. The advice you receive will be as unique as you are.

In some cases, Dr Gauba may provide you with a long-term treatment plan where her recommendations are broken down into steps that should significantly improve the health and appearance of your skin. You will have this treatment plan to refer to whenever you need it, and when your own time and budget allow.

Above all else, Dr Gauba will give you her recommendations based on what she believes would be suitable treatment options for you. Understanding that perceptions of beauty are so often linked to inner feelings, she will be respectful of your opinions and honest with her own. If she feels that treatment wouldn’t be right for you, she’ll tell you so, and why. If she feels there’s a better treatment option than what you have in mind, she’ll explain that too.

We welcome questions and are always learning and engaging with what’s happening in the field of facial aesthetics at large so that we can offer you the best possible choice of treatments within our friendly doctor-led clinic.