Facial Contouring

Facial contouring

Facial contouring may involve various different non surgical techniques in order to redefine the features of the face.  Contouring may involve dermal fillers to add volume, botox to change the definition of or reduce a heavy jawline or it may involve non surgical fat deducion to reduce areas such as double chin. This really is a bespoke treatment which can only be carried out by a specialist.

Facial Volumising

As we age the middle of the face loses volume first.  This process of volume loss, starts in our late thirties, before we noticeably lose skin elasticity. The result of this volume loss is the is flattening of the mid-face, retraction of the area around the mouth and the jawline becomes looser and perhaps more jowly, the lips may appear thinner.

As a result of loss of mid face volume, we may develop tear-troughs running from the corners of the eyes across the upper portion of the cheek and generally look drawn, gaunt and tired looking. This process may be exacerbated by weight loss, poor diet, sun-damage or illness.

In certain individuals however, their face may naturally be more flattened with little or no cheekbone definition which will make eye-bags more prominent as a result.

Facial volumising can be carried out using dermal fillers or PDO threads and can:

  • Enhance cheekbones
  • Reduce a receding chin
  • Restore volume
  • Create a stronger jaw line
  • Reduce tear trough
  • Define lips

Reducing facial features

Botox can be used to great effect in the lower face to soften the jawline and lift the neck and lower jaw area.

  • Heavy jawline can be the result of over developed masseter muscle. Botox can be used to reduce the strength of this muscle leading to a softer jaw line.
  • Nefertiti lift is the technique of using botox to lift the neck and lower jaw area.

Non surgical fat reduction such as Aqualyx and radio frequency (RF)  can be used to reduce excess facial fat which accumulates around the jaw and neck (double chin).

Treatment Options


Used to reduce heavy jaw line, up turn  a down-turned mouth, correct a gummy smile,  smooth out platysmal bands on the neck.

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Dermal fillers

Not just for wrinkles, fillers can be used to volumise the face,  augment the chin, jaw line, cheeks and lips and even to lift the face (see liquid face lift below.

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FaceTite and NeckTite

FaceTite and NeckTite use radio frequency energy to tighten the skin. NeckTite can also be used to reduce subcutaneous fat around the neck and jaw to slim and define the face.

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Jawline Slimming and contouring

Jawline slimming and contouring is a very bespoke treatment which may make use of different treatment modalities.

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Lip enhancement

Lip enhancement, also called a lip plump uses specialist fillers designed for the lips. Lip enhancement can plump the lips and address asymetry.

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Liquid facelift (8 point lift, 12 point lift, 14 point lift)

Structural use of dermal filler to replace lost facial volume and provide lift.

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PDO thread lift

PDO (Polydioxanone) thread lift uses tiny threads placed under the skin to reshape, lift and stimulate collagen.

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Silhouette Soft thread lift

Silhouette Soft thread lift provides a quick thread lifting procedure to reshape and lift the face.

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