BodyTite™ Liposuction

The BodyTite liposuction procedure uses radio frequency to help break unwanted fat before it is removed. This means that Body Tight Liposuction is quicker, safer and has less downtime than traditional liposuction.


BodyTite gives fat reduction whislt also tightening the skin in the treatment area. The treatment can reduce fat in areas such as abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, arms, back.

BodyTite for Body Contouring

The BodyTite™ system has several advantages over conventional liposuction.

  • Compared to conventional Liposuction, BodyTite is gentler and causes less trauma to underlying tissues.
  • Clinician has more control over the BodyTite procedure than with conventional lipo which may give better results.
  • The system provides the clinician with immediate feedback on the treatment progress.
  • The BodyTite device uses multiple cannulas to extract the fatty tissue from under the skin. Electrodes heat up the soft tissues around the area to be treated and liquefy the fat. Once the fat is liquefied, it is extracted immediately. Radio Frequency energy is used to tighten the skin providing a single step approach to fat reduction and skin tightening.

BodyTite Liposuction In Hampshire


What is BodyTiteTM?
BodyTiteTM is a breakthrough body contouring procedure that reduces stubborn pockets of fat in targeted areas while simultaneously tightening and firming your body. The treatment works by melting the fat before it is removed through a small and inconspicuous incision. After the fat has been removed, BodyTiteTM introduces radiofrequency heat to boost the collagen production and tighten your skin.

What are the advantages of BodyTite Lipo?
This minimally-invasive treatment offers a gentle alternative to conventional liposuction and will give you immediate results that continue to improve as your body makes more collagen. BodyTiteTM can be used on small and large areas of the body, and delivers excellent results on areas such as your love handles, thighs or stomach.

Is BodyTite a safe procedure?
BodyTite is safe when carried out by a trained doctor such as Dr Gauba. Any invasive procedure is not totally without risk, but the risk is considered very low for this procedure.

How much will my Body Tight Liposuction cost?
The cost of your treatment will depend on the area to be treated and/or the nature of your treatment. As a rough guide, you can find our full treatment and price list here. We will always give you an itemised breakdown of your treatment plan so that you can be confident that there are no hidden costs.

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