Body Concerns

Body image is more prominent today than ever before.  We all have feelings about the way we look. We project our own feelings about how we look onto how we think others see us. You may feel good about certain parts of your body or the way you look and not as good about others.

Body image is partly influenced by the people around us, by magazines, TV, film etc. In short, the culture around us.
It is also influenced by the natural aging process and how our bodies change as we age. Certain times in life, like puberty or menopause and andropause, are key times when a person’s body image may change.  Some changes can boost your self-esteem and body image, and some changes may not be as effective.

Things we can help you with….

Body contouring

Body fat is an essential part of our make up. However, too much fat or adipose tissue can be very unhealthy, leading to obesity, metabolic disorder and type 2 diabetes. Even if body fat is at a healthy level, it often deposits in areas where we don’t want it. Read more about body fat and body contouring>>

Excess sweating (hyperhydrosis)

In a small number of people (about 1% of the population), the sympathetic nervous system  works at a very high level causing sweating to occur at inappropriate times, far in excess of the amount necessary to maintain normal body temperature. Read more about excess sweating (hyperhydrosis) >>

Skin concerns

Good skin care practices can help to maintain smooth, firm and healthy skin. Eventually, though without proper protection, time and sun exposure take a toll on the skin’s appearance. Skin problems can occur because of age, exposure to environmental and other factors. Some common skin flaws are the result of genetics, viruses, and other causes. Read more about skin concerns>>