Skin And The Effects Of Ageing

anti ageing treatmentYour skin is subject to the effects of ageing and from the age of about 25 this becomes more pronounced. This is due to a natural decline in your body producing growth hormones. The net result is that the skin degrades quicker than it can be repaired by the body. This results in the visible signs of ageing which are cumulative. The results of ageing are often most apparent on the face, but may also become apparent on the body. Skin blemishes such as age spots and thread veins are common all over the body. Sun damage (photo ageing) will affect the face, neck, chest and hands most commonly.

The effects of ageing can result in the more obvious visible signs such as wrinkles, thread veins and age spots and some less common skin blemishes generally associated with age, such as sebaceous hyperplasia.

Anti Ageing treatment

The definition of anti ageing treatment is a treatment to delay or stop the ageing process. Anti ageing compounds work by stimulating the processes in the skin that begin to slow down as we age, such as collagen production. There are some aspects of ageing that we can effectively delay and others that we can’t delay. For instance, we can delay the decline of collagen production and therefore the onset of wrinkle formation, we can delay or even reverse the development of age related pigmentation (age spots) etc.

There are other age related changes we can do little about, such as bone loss around the eyes which gives a sunken eyed look. That said, we can improve it’s appearance, but we are only treating the symptom here (sunken appearance)  and not the cause (bone loss).

Effective anti ageing treatment in Hampshire

There are many anti ageing treatments which can be referred to as true anti ageing treatments. Combined treatments work particularly well in achieving anti ageing. Dr Gauba can help you decide which treatment or treatments will achieve the best results for you.

Botox reduces lines and wrinkles caused by movement, eg frowning>>

Dermal filler reduces lines and wrinkles caused by loss of facial volume>>

Chemical peel reduces fine lines and pigmentation caused by poor skin condition>>

Forma skin tightening reduces loose skin>>

Fractora stimulates collagen production>>

Hydrafacial reduces fine lines and pigmentation caused by poor skin condition>>

Liquid face lift used dermal filler to lift the mid face>>

Mesotherapy delivers anti-ageing ingredients into the skin>>

PDO thread lift is a non surgical face lift and collagen stimulating procedure using threads>>

 Plexr for skin lesion removal and sagging eyelids and other sagging facial skin>>

Silhouette Soft thread lift is a non surgical face lift using threads>>

Don’t just save anti ageing treatment for your face, you can refresh other trouble spots such as the neck, chest and hands. Anti ageing treatment in Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford, handy for Southampton, Winchester and Andover. Call us today on  02380 270 698.