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Helping You Look Good And Feel Great

How you feel about yourself, your face, your body and the health of your skin can all have a big impact on your self-confidence. It’s a fantastic feeling to know that your skin looks healthy and that you are making the most of your natural beauty.

When you have an aesthetic treatment of any kind, it’s also important to know that you are in safe and experienced hands. This is why Golden Ratio Cosmetic Medical Clinic was created. Golden Ratio Cosmetic Medical Clinic is an advanced medical aesthetics clinic, run by Dr Victoria Gauba who is bringing her Harley Street credentials to Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire.

We will always listen to how you feel about your skin and treatment. By knowing as much as possible about your individual needs, we can give you targeted recommendations and create a bespoke treatment plan. From the moment you step through the door, we want you to feel heard, cared for and empowered.


Having been affected by acne for nearly 10 years, with little success from NHS treatments, I was amazed at the level of improvement achieved following the care and treatment provided by Dr Gauba. Not only have I been pleased with the treatment, but I was also impressed by her knowledge, expertise and level of care. I would recommend Dr Gauba to both friends and family.
Thank you so much. The Hydrafacials have vastly improved my skin. I am amazed just how much difference these treatments have made. My skin was very congested and therefore prone to outbreaks but it is much clearer now, I plan to continue with the treatments. Dr Gauba has a level of knowledge that surpasses other cosmetic doctors I have seen in the past.
My experience with Dr Gauba has been fantastic. I feel much better informed than I did last time, and am given as much time as I need, to ask questions, at every consultation. Two months in, I am already seeing a big improvement and wish I had taken the treatment years ago. Thank you Dr Gauba!
I cannot recommend Dr Gauba and her Clinic highly enough. Dr Gauba is extremely skilled and experienced in her field and her personal demeanor is second to none. Her enthusiasm for her profession was clearly evident from the initial free consultation where she instantly put me at ease and fully explained the procedure she would be carrying out.


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