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Refresh your appearance & enhance your natural beauty

From celebrity HydraFacial ,Botox® and dermal fillers to body sculpting and skin tightening , we will advise you about the treatments that will best enhance your natural beauty and make you look and feel incredible.


Book your free skincare consultation for advice
that’s unique to you

Dr Victoria Gauba is an experienced cosmetic medical doctor, dermatologist and psychologist. During your skincare consultation, you can discuss how you feel about your skin and what Dr Gauba feels would be the right treatment options for your needs.


More than skin deep, VISIA surface imaging lets us see what your skin needs to thrive

Using VISIA skin and complexion analysis, we can see what’s happening on and below the surface of your skin and use this information to pinpoint the best treatment for you. Before and after images give you an incredible side-by-side comparison of how your treatment has worked.


Your eyes are the windows
to your soul

Do you have dark circles under your eyes or heavy eyelids? Have your eyes lost their sparkle recently? Your eyes communicate your health, your self-confidence, your inner beauty. We can help them look refreshed and rejuvenated.


Create a daily skincare regime that will enhance
your natural beauty

We can help you find the best products for your individual skincare needs. Dr Gauba specialises in understanding all skin types and how active ingredients in medical-concentration cosmeceuticals can boost your ongoing skin health.


Experience medical artistry in action with dermal fillers

When Dr Victoria Gauba uses dermal fillers on your face, she will view you not only through the eyes of a doctor and dermatologist, but also through the eyes of an artist. Making subtle enhancements with ideally placed dermal fillers, your face will become a canvas for medical art at its best.


Customer Reviews

Having been affected by acne for nearly 10 years, with little success from NHS treatments, I been amazed at the level of improvement achieved following the care and treatment provided by Dr Gauba. Not only have I been pleased with the treatment I have received, but also impressed by the knowledge, expertise and level of care and attention given by Dr Gauba. I would recommend Dr Gauba to both friends and family.

- Sam

Your skin is precious. Trust it to an experienced and highly qualified doctor and dermatologist with more than 15 years’ professional experience.

Golden Ratio Cosmetic Medical Clinic is led by Dr Victoria Gauba who is passionate about providing you with a clinic where you feel relaxed, informed and confident about every aspect of your treatment.

Enhance the results of your treatment by using medical-grade skincare products specifically chosen for how well they suit your skin as part of your daily skincare regime.